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Eileen Crowther

I would hide all the green, yellow and orange things my daughter will not eat in bananas, strawberries and yogurt!

Lindsay Herbers

I will put apple sause with veggies in it for a healthy snack on road trips.


I would put yogurt in it, because it's so messy!


applesauce definitely comes to mind, especially for my 19month old.

Keara B.

I'd put applesauce and fruit/greek yogurt mixtures in the pouches!

Jen H

fruit smoothies and puree snacks for on the go with my toddler!

Rachel S

Applesauce, yogurt, anything squeezy!
We spend so much on individual pouches, this would save so much money!


We make a lot of green smoothies, and it would be perfect to put these in the pouch for my girls so there isn't a huge mess like now when they eat :)


Applesauce seems like a good place to start.

Brandy fisk

Apple strawberry!


I think applesauce

Rachelle Anderson

I would do applesauce

Jessi Randall

Veggie/fruit purées for my little!


Applesauce, applesauce, applesauce!!! I'd use these everyday!

Sam Stamp

I would put applesauce or yogurt in as the boys love both


fruits and veggies

April M

My little girl's oatmeal

Amanda Boerst

fruit and veggie smoothies!

Christina Oddy

applesause and other purees

Ashley F

Yogurt and fruit!


I know it sounds gross, but my son would love nomming mashed potatoes in the car in one of these. Kinda makes me queazy to think about it though. lol.


YUM!! Wyatt would love this and I would love it more to prevent messes

Lanie Craig

homemade smoothies



Monster chew

We'd do green smoothies or yogurt with strawberry and banana. The hardest part would be choosing what to do first! Nice review :)

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