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I love these photos and hearing about your family hikes! Somewhere around here I have a book that is the best hikes for children in CO. It ranks them by difficulty and amenities. Our kids are older, but our youngest has cerebral palsy which means we have to put a bit more thought into our hikes. I'll look around for the book and get the title to you when I find it.


the only actual hiking trail near us (conecuh trail-in south alabama) is just over 22 miles in it's full length, and the summer heat (so many bugs. ew.) makes it a little less enticing. it is a pretty trail though, it has a small clear (and very cold) spring. this post kinda made me want to walk one of the smaller loops and stick my feet in that spring!

which also reminds me that i need to find an ergo carrier to bring my son along!

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