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I think it would be fun to use these on a fabric bag, then add embroidery over them!


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Tannis W

I'd use them to make cute onesies/shirts for nieces and nephews!

Jessica H

i'd use them to draw designs on my shorts and make some cool looking clothing items

Jessica H

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I love them! I would give them to my preteen for decorating her converses.


These look very fun! I don't know what I would use them for yet but it would be cool!


I would let my kids use them to decorate shirts for summer camp!


I would use them for labeling my kids' clothes& toys.


I would love to decorate a tote with these!

Beth cole

My daughter would love these. She is so crafty!!


i'd use them with the kids to doodle on tee shirts, and also to make perfectly unique rag dolls. :-)


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Dawn Monroe

I myself am not a creative person butmy teenagers will find something creative to dowith them. Its amazing what they do sometimes.

Dawn Monroe

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Becky H

These look like a fun way for my daughter to express her creativity.

Erin D

I would just let my toddler have fun with these decorating a shirt.

Erin D

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Erin D

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My daughter would love to decorate a bag with these - she loves bags! Or perhaps the apron I promised her I'd make.


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Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children

I think I would hold a co-op class with a lot of kids decorating their own shirts.

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